Momentary Exit

I Went for a Walk
A photobook about the repeated process of observation. These images were collected over the span of a few years and many, many walks.

Memory in Transit
A photobook about the memory of making a photograph.

A self-published photobook focused on current political protests.

There Will Be Better Days
A self-published photobook dealing with the artist's personal relationship with her significant other. The images, as a whole, are as a visual exploration of the complexities of a romantic relationship while referencing personal moments of healing and an overall feeling of optimism. 

Not My Dog
A self-published photobook about the colorful personalities of dogs.

Plant Study
A is a self-published photobook featuring a collection of photographs of plants and observations of how they interact with their surroundings. 

Common Views
A self-published photobook demonstrating poetic observations of the everyday.

A Short Study of Redaction and Appropriation Regarding the Invented Narrative
A self-published photobook exploring a contructed relationship between found images and phrases created through redaction.


*All titles are available for purchase. For inquiries, please email